Jūratė Rekevičiūtė

Photo Robertas Rūdys, 2018

Photoreport: The opening of the contemporary art project 3FREE in Klaipeda

Photoreport: The opening of the contemporary art project 3FREE in Klaipeda

Photos: Vladimirs Jakušonoks, Paulis Jakušonoks, Viktorija Eksta


NB8 ART. Sanctus.

Script, director, editing director, camera: RIČARDAS RICKEVIČIUS.
Performer - print artist: JŪRATĖ REKEVIČIŪTĖ.

Sound mastering JAN LILJEKVIST.
Recorded at KAPELLET studio. Stockholm. Sweden. 2017.

The print artworks of Jūratė Rekevičiūtė were used in the video clip.

More about NB8 ART: www.nb8art.com.

Lithuanian Art Exhibition In London

Lithuanian Art - Destination London - Art Talk from D Contemporary on Vimeo.

Lithuanian Art Exhibition In London

15 - 24 MARCH, 2017, LONDON

See more --> http://www.lithuanianow.org/jurate-rekeviciute

NB8 ART - artists from the Nordic and the Baltic countries - presents the music and video art performance CONNECTION
2016 06 16 Lithuania Etnocosmology museum (Moletai, Lithuania), 2016 06 17 festival Culture Night (Vilnius, Lithuania)


Dear Jūrate, Massive congratulations to you as you have been selected as one of the 10 chosen artists to take part in the forthcoming exhibition Lithuania Now and also be a part of the initiative that will not only start and end with the forthcoming show but also aim to promote the powerful Lithuania art scene both in London and via London, globally!

International workshop "NB8 ART. LITHUANIA", Rietavas, Lithuania, 10 - 16 d. of August, 2015

Participants: Julija Karaliūnaitė (soprano, Lithuania), Viktorija Smailytė (harp, Lithuania), Simona Zbarauskaitė (piano, Lithuania), Robert Jürjendal (electric guitar, Estonia), Jan Liljekvist (electronics, electric violin, percussion, Sweden), Rūta Vitkauskaitė (composer, violin, percussion, Lithuania, Gr. Britain), Jūratė Rekevičiūtė (print art, Lithuania), Ričardas Rickevičius (video, Lithuania)

We are very greatful for the sponsors of the project :
Lithuanian Council for Culture
Rietavas' Cultural Center
Nordic Culture Point

Print works from the exhibition „Serviettes, tablecloths and other affection...“, Park gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2015



Charles Gounod Jewel song from “Faust”
Julija Karaliūnaitė (soprano), Marija Stručkova (piano).
Print artist Jūratė Rekevičiūtė Exhibition “The Beautiful Dress”
Director Ričardas Rickevičius
Camera Saulė Gimžūnaitė, Haroldas Klevinskas
Make up Daiva Opriško, Yury Fresh Salon
2015 Vilnius Lithuania

Maskespil from Rundetaarn on Vimeo.


24.01.2015 – 22.02.2015
Rundetaarn, Købmagergade 52A, Copenhagen, Denmark

Forfatter, komponist og forlægger Benedicte Nordin er arrangør af den tværkunstneriske kunstudstilling MASKESPIL – TRE LANDE, TRE KUNSTARTER, hvor der tolkes og fabuleres over menneske og maske.

Billedkunstnere, fotografer, lyrikere, musikere og performere går sammen om konceptet; PÅ TVÆRS. Af genre. Af kunstart. Af nationalitet. Med den adgang, det giver kunstnerne og deres publikum til provokation og maskefald og leg med farver og muligheder i maskeradernes måned.

Hver uge i projektperioden rummer to muligheder for at træffe de medvirkende kunstnere på nærmeste hold ved koncerter, lyriksoiréer og artists talks. Se program her og køb billetter snarest.

Idemager / arrangør: Benedicte Nordin

Mette Ørnstrup & Christina Back. Udstillingsarkitekter og projektledere.

Jesper Frederik Emil Hansen, grafisk designer, KLAHR design

Johann Ingemann. Web-design. BERÙ.



Jean-Luc Giraud, Francoise Marbleu (Fr.), Jurate Rekeviciute, Vilmantas Marcinkevicius, Marius Jonutis, (Lith), Knud Steffen Nielsen, Mads Ljungdahl, (Dk.)

Foto og film:

Jens Juul (DK), Richardas Rickevicius, (Lit.), Jerôme Adeline (Fr.)

Lyrik. Præsentation, oplæsning, samtale:

Dy Plambech, Knud Steffen Nielsen, Thomas Lagermand Lundme, Jesper Lützhøft, Ursula Andkjær Olsen, Martin Glaz Serup, Benedicte Nordin (DK). Kestutis Navakas, Neringa Abrutité (Lith.), Laurent Danchin, Christian Prigent, Anne Portugal (Fr.)

Åbent symposion/artist’s talk:

Laurent Dachin,(Fr.), Kestutis Navakas, (Lith.)

Musik. Kammermusikværker af komponisterne

Jesper Nordin, Niels Rosing-Schow, Anders Koppel, Andy Pape, Benedicte Nordin (DK), Anatolij Senderovas, Mikajolus Ciurlionis (Lith.), Marc André Dalbavie (Fr.)


Muradam Ensemble: Sophie Thing-Simonsen, sopran, Mikkel Futtrup, violin, Josefine Opsahl, cello, Bjarke Mogensen, accordeon. Endvidere: Thomas Sandberg, percussion, Stefan Pasborg, trommer (DK) Julija Karaliunaité, sopran, Liudas Morkunas, saxofon, Petras Geniusas, klaver, Liuba Sergijenko, klaver (Lit.) Jesper Nordin, dirigent (Dk.)

Kunsthåndværk & design:

Jurate Rekeviciute, Indra Marcinkeviciene, Daiva Urbonaviciute (Lit.), Laura Leth Meilvang, Lilian Noval (Dk)


Fotograf og billedkunstner Suste Bonnén. Koreograf Kenneth Kreutzmann. Hospitalsklovn Mette Brich. Forfatter og journalist Søren Schauser (DK)

In the graphic works of Jurate Rekeviciute predominates the theme of the almighty facebook, but the works are not about the social net – facebook is just an instrument to frame the present time. The main idea revealed in the works deals with our expectations, hopes, and void.

In the works you can see real facebook images, reproduced with the help of industrial digital technology. The choice of the technology is not accidental – it is symbolic for disclosing the contemporary theme. The digital images have been supplemented with linen tracery, which the artist USES deliberately, as a parallel for a vital purpose – wish to COMMUNICATE. To highlight it, a red colour has been brought into the graphics.

,,We dream of an exclusive attention, but receive a heap of information trash. We are looking forward to something REAL… But receive plenty of NOTHING. Just all kinds of surrogates and supplements… While wasting our time on NOTHING, we lose our time as a chance…to write a REAL LETTER”, – says the artist about the ideas and emotions disclosed in her works.

The author could be called the mistress of the print, as she is especially concerned about the process of printing, (not cutting), the repeat of the print, the debth and vacuum of infinity.





2011 08 23 – 09 13, gallery Arka, Vilnius, Lithuania

Graphic Contexts. Declaration

2011 07 08 – 08 21, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius




“Comment. Like” is the title of a new graphics exhibition of Jurate Rekeviciute. In her pictures the artist reveals the trap of virtual intercourse. Intimate feelings “wrapped” into text messages and comments, after hitting the virtual intercourse, become public and assume an absolutely different quality. A sincere confession becomes a lie, and a lie becomes the truth as tall as a monument. The heart’s cry for help merges into just one more promotional poster you flippantly pass by. Where is the storage of our feelings? Is it in a mobile phone or on a social website?
As the artist Jurate Rekeviciute has it, such a storage is in her graphics.









The 15th Tallinn Print Triennial „FOR LOVE NOT MONEY“

„Fucking Life“ digital print, drypoint, 100*70, 2010m.

„Nostalgia“ digital print, drypoint, 100*70, 2010m.

The title of Jurate rekeviciute’s diptych is based on play on words, which refers directly to the sexual act and in the metaphorical sense emphasizes the depravity of life.

This is a modern allegory of forced subordination,degradation and exploitation. The rough coitus of the dogs is the embodiment of life-as well as love.This is an expression of life’s natural laws that intertwine desire and pain,but the viewing of which is considered to be unseemly.Just like we do not want to notice the copulating dogs,we do not what to notice the lack of balance around us -the constant dependency and hypocritical dictation,be it in relations between individuals,societies or countries.On the one hand ,there are idyllic views of Vilnius Old Town,where the high-rise commercial buildings that have recently forcefully invaded the city skyline are depicted only on the far horizon and the postcard-like panorama seems nostalgically ”clean”. On the other hand ,there are close-ups of the dogs doing”dirty things” that are surrounded by emty space ,a peculiar vacuum. This emptiness is connected to alienation-in the context of a general sense of feeling trapped, these dogs celebrating their ”weddings” seem quite disturbing.At the same time ,as attemt at a singular symbolism appears in the emphatically contrasting colours -black and white-of the mating dogs.Like an inseparable ying and yang ,our life is also is constantly connected by contrasts-high and low, strong and weak,subordination and domination.

Elnare Taidre

„FOR LOVE NOT MONEY“ Opening Moments

„Įkyrus noras būti laimingai“


Exhibition of Jūratė Rekevičiūtė Opened in the Standing Agency of Lithuania EU

On June 9th, the graphics exhibition of Jūratė Rekevičiūtė , called “ Doll is alone at home” was opened by the Standing representative of Lithuania in EU ambassador Rytis Martikonis . “Doll is alone at home” is the latest exhibition of the artist. It has been created this year and already shown in Vilnius and Kaunas.
The backgrounds for the dolls’ life were created by a seven year old girl Suoma Pilinkutė, and J.Rekevičiūtė engraved them and printed. For the exhibition in Brussels the collection is supplemented with new exhibits that have not been shown before. Though the exhibition is very personal, it speaks to the visitors via a well known symbol – a doll.

„This exhibition is about life, it is like evidence that miracles exist and they are so close to us, that dolls live their own independent life. Everything is just as you believe,- said the Lithuanian artist.

Works of art of J. Rekevičiūtė are bright, lively and full of artistic courage.” One doll, one mask, one me. And never the same. The doll skylarks, it hides in the darkest corners, takes part in a carnival, appears on the pictures of other artists, acts a part in a play, catches angry thought crocodiles”- writes an art critic Ignas Kazakevičius.

The artist has arranged about ten personal and forty sectional exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. She creates graphics, installations, TV scenography, accessory and decorates porcelain. Her works of art have been exhibited in Austria, the USA, Russia, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. In 2006 J. Rekevičiūtė was awarded at Lithuanian Graphics Biennial „Now Art Now Future.Freedom/Rytoj Yra Dabar. Laisvė“, and won “Master” award at XIV International Art Festival in St.Petersburg.

The exhibition in Brussels was supported by Lithuanian Ministry of Culture.

The exhibition of J. Rekevičiūtė in the Standing Agency of Lithuania is open till the end of June.